Breakin’ Down the Walls of Heartache

Last weekend, we tootled off to Seaside Lodge again. The truck was much lighter than the previous weekend, but we did take a selection of wall-knocker-downer things, secateurs, more wine than strictly necessary for 2 for 1 night and thicker ganseys.

Here are some pics from the sales brochure of the front living room, a bedroom in the middle, and the back living room over the lake.


Before pictures of Seaside Lodge

And here is what we (royal we – I was measuring/skiving) and Steve, who’s going to be helping us with the renovation, did. The whole of the west side is now opened up, so the 3 rooms above are now just one room. To eventually be a study area up south, kitchen/dining in the centre, log burner/lake action up north.

seaside-lodge-22-5 seaside-lodge-22-2 seaside-lodge-22-11 seaside-lodge-22-3 seaside-lodge-22-4 seaside-lodge-22-9 seaside-lodge-22-6 seaside-lodge-22-1 seaside-lodge-22-10

The floor boards are in great condition!

Finally here’s a picture of rush hour at Anderby Creek 22/9/14.

Rush hour, Anderby Creek 22/9/14

Rush hour, Anderby Creek 22/9/14


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