Plant. Eat cake. Paint. Eat cake. Repeat as necessary.

anderby creek holiday home

Blinds up in the master bedroom -lovely to open them first thing and watch the birds on the lake.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been steadily chipping away at the remaining renovation projects on Seaside Lodge, and we can see the finishing line in our sights. Visits from a 2 holiday home professionals have been informative and helpful, and both of them said the lodge is going to be at the top end of a four star property, which is lovely to hear.

We got a lot done over the last few days, and managed to have some serious beach time too.

1 lattice willow hedge planted
1 weeping willow by the lake planted
2 sea buckthorns planted
1 bay tree planted
2 garden bird boxes installed
3 blinds put up
3 door frames painted
4 cupboards fitted out and undercoated
Ensuite shower room completed
1 wall painted
10 cakes eaten (we needed the energy).

Everything is on-stream for lettings to commence in May – we’ve even got our first 4 bookings! The website is underway and should be up in three weeks. To enquire about staying in Seaside Lodge please drop us an email:


The main bathroom is nearly finished


The master bedroom is painted


The en suite shower room at Seaside Lodge is complete – and fab.


Top tip: bring kite strings to Anderby Creek beach.


Walking down to the beach from the Round and Round House – a 360 hide to watch wildlife.

Hiding in the hide.

Hiding in the hide.

A walk through the dunes to the hide.

A walk through the dunes to the hide.

After all that fresh air we needed non-cake sustenance. The platter at The Fat Seagull up the road was delicious.

The Fat Seagull's platter is yummy.

The Fat Seagull’s platter is yummy.


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