About Seaside Lodge

Seaside Lodge, Anderby Creek. A luxury 1950s lodge by a lake.

Seaside Lodge is a 1959 Vic Hallam ‘Anderby Chalet’ – a wooden cabin on the edge of a freshwater lake, by a secluded East Coast beach at Anderby Creek, Lincolnshire. Voted one  Britain’s 10 best hidden beaches.

“Tucked away between the small seaside towns of Chapel St. Leonard’s and Sutton-on-Sea, Anderby Creek beach is unspoilt, quiet and beautiful. The gorgeous stretch of soft sand is backed by dunes and is perfect for sandcastle building, bathing or just strolling. The beach is home to the UK’s first purpose-built cloud viewing platform, with Cloud Menus so you can identify the different formations, use mirrors to reflect different parts of the sky and sit in special cloud-viewing seats to recline and enjoy the view. The Cloud Bar may not serve any booze but it does offer pretty epic cloud spotting”. AOL Travel.
Anderby Creek is the perfect place to leave it all behind – emails, traffic queues, 2014 – and relax, rediscover your creativity, or just be. There are lovely walks, birdwatching, seal spotting, epic clouds – and other gentle pursuits. And, you can stay in our restorative, refurbished (and fairly luxurious) wooden lodge when it’s complete, May 2015.
Follow our blog as we refurbish Seaside Lodge. You’ll be coming on a bit of a journey with us too, who knows where we’ll all end up?
To enquire about staying at Seaside Lodge, please drop us an email info@boltholeproperties.com

2 thoughts on “About Seaside Lodge

  1. Brilliant, sounds totally idyllic. Can’t wait to come down and see it, may even bring my paintbrush. Best wishes and good luck to all who sail in her……..


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