Your totally beaching holiday (retro style).

I’ve come across some lovely old images of Anderby Creek. I thought you may find it interesting if I group them together and post a batch from time to time. So, here’s no.1 – Anderby Creek’s lovely beach. Although the landscape has changed little over the last 8 decades, the amount of people on it has. I’ll start with a picture I took one sunny Sunday last September. Me and the fisherman were the only people on the beach. It’s easy to see why it has been voted one of Britain’s best undiscovered beaches. Bliss.

Voted one of Britain's best undiscovered beaches

Voted one of Britain’s best undiscovered beaches

The beach at Anderby Creek pre-1953

The beach at Anderby Creek pre-1953


Hard to date this picture of Anderby Creek beach – any guesses?


Anderby Creek beach, late 50s-early 60s (looking at the clothing and donkeys!)


Anderby Creek beach…I’m guessing sometime in the 1950s


The beach at Anderby Creek, late 40s/early 50s. At first I thought later, but those high waist trousers tell their own story. Unless it’s Simon Cowell’s dad.


I think this is one of the earliest Anderby Creek beach pics here – probably 1930s.


Donkeys! Tank tops! Hair grips like her off Follyfoot! This Anderby Creek beach pic is late 1960s-early 1970s, I reckon.

Seaside Lodge was built in 1959. I wonder if the first owners used their knitting machine to craft cossies like these little beauties?

1959 knitting pattern

1959 knitting pattern


Colour me happy.

Fun times! Mood boards and colour palettes for Seaside Lodge

Fun times! Mood boards and colour palettes for Seaside Lodge

All the fabrics and colours are sorted. Creams, neutrals and some dusty blues. Colours chosen from the Lincolnshire skies, water and fields, with a dash of retro 1950s to boot. Undercoat is going on the new plaster, and early reports are ‘wow, this works’.

On the lake side of the lodge, the log burner sits unwrapped, just waiting for its flue, a limestone hearth and a couple of installers.

When I grow up I want to be like the guy in the picture.

When I grow up I’m going to be like the guy in the picture.


Close Encounters. Of the lodge kind.

One of the last pictures of the lodge without the new doors, which will open onto a deck and lawn overlooking the lake.

Wake up to this view.

Wake up to this view.

Huttoft Car Terrace

Huttoft Car Terrace

2 miles down the road to Sutton is another beach, Huffoft Car Terrace, it’s a great spot for eating fish and chips and watching the sky.

Clunch, Mizzle and Arsenic

It’s a decorating fact of life that:

1. All the best paint colours are the most expensive paint colours.

2. All the best/most expensive paint colours have the silliest names.

This week, we have been throwing Duck Egg at the walls, and covering the plaster with Elephant’s Breath. We’re trying to use the colours in the surrounding landscape in interior of  Seaside Lodge, whilst keeping a colour palette that’s true to its 1950s heritage.

That means no shocking pink, no glitter and no feature walls. I hope that doesn’t disappoint.

It’s great to be at the stage where the dust and dirt are nearly a distant memory.

Choosing paint colours that reflect the view outside the window

Choosing paint colours that reflect the view outside the window

Colours of the surrounding lake, dunes, sea and fields.

Colours of the surrounding lake, dunes, sea and fields.

anderby-creek-seaside-lodge-1 anderby-creek-seaside-lodge-3anderby-beach-1

2 large skips and a broken vacuum cleaner

Most of the renovating dust and rubble is behind us – hurrah!

We’re moving into the next stage. Both bathrooms are going in, and the floor and wall tiles chosen. I’ve found a bathroom floor tile that looks just like the sand on the beach, which has made my week. Scrub that, month.

The temporary kitchen is now where the permanent one will be in the next month, albeit a little less appealing to the eye.

For a freezing mid-January, the lodge is lovely and toasty too!


Rhapsody in blue

The drive to Seaside Lodge always seems to take us through several different climates, and the sky gets bigger and bigger the further east we drive.

I’ve fallen in love with Lincolnshire sunsets.


Leaving home at 7:30 on a freezing cold January morning

As the day dawned, and we drove east, the sky got bluer

As the day dawned, and we drove east, the sky got bluer

Coming off the Lincolnshire Wolds, the Anderby sunshine was there to greet us.

Coming off the Lincolnshire Wolds, the Anderby sunshine was there to greet us.

Leaving Anderby Creek and driving into a glorious Lincolnshire sunset has become one of life's simple pleasures.

Leaving Anderby Creek and driving into a glorious Lincolnshire sunset has become one of life’s simple pleasures.

The Lake, at dusk in mid-January.

The Lake, at dusk in mid-January.

Fading light and al fresco sausages.

Fading afternoon light in the south facing what-will-be study area

Fading afternoon light in the south facing what-will-be study area


Teatime bangers


Things are really coming on. Although technically, that phrase is banned, along with “It’s coming together nicely”.

The view from the door, all plasterboarded and first fixed. Behind Jon will be a library/study area.

Clean walls, natural light.

All the rooms bar the big bathroom are now plaster boarded. The space looks much cleaner and more delineated. The picture above was taken from the front door. Behind Jon will be a small library/study area.

Looking North

Looking North over the lake.

This picture is looking north. The window at the end will be replaced with sliding glass doors, onto a deck, overlooking the lake. In the space between will be a simple kitchen and then a living area with log burner. I shall probably devote a whole future blog post to the log burner. It’s gorgeous.

The view through the soon-to-be glass doors

The view through the soon-to-be glass doors

On the picture above the lake is empty of geese, ducks or other water fowl. They are often on the lake throughout the day, congregating noisily, or just gliding along and then flying off again in unison. Watching them and figuring out their schedules is becoming a favourite pastime.

A very public convenience

A very public convenience

The blog wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the central bog. So, here it is.

Late afternoon over the lake

Late afternoon over the lake

Time to head back back West. Two pictures of the lake before we drive into the sunset.

Bird on a wire

Bird on a wire

2,000 screws and a lot of insulation.

October disappeared under a pile of insulation boards.

All but 2 of the internal walls came down, and the new ones went up. Temporarily, the loo stays put, right in the middle of the lodge in the door way to what is now (or shortly will be) the main bedroom. This is fine for the chaps, they don’t object to public peeing, but not ideal for the rest of us. Sitting on the loo affords a near-panoramic view, with windows on 3 sides. My tea drinking habit vanishes at the seaside.

seaside lodge renovation

There’s a lovely view on the other side of all that insulation.

Goodbye, old bathroom.

Goodbye, old bathroom.

seaside lodge renovation

The old walls are down and the new ones go up

seaside lodge

The Presidential suite boasts en suite facilities and flat screen telly

We can't see the trees for the wood.

We can’t see the trees for the wood.

The lodge stripped out, these are our temporary facilities:

seaside lodge

Delightfully quirky unfitted kitchen

seaside lodge renovation

Jonno’s special ‘turny tap’

seaside lodge renovation

Minimalist, exhibitionist toilet

Then, something happens…

seaside lodge renovation

The internet comes to Seaside Lodge

seaside lodge renovation

Seaside Lodge boasts state of the art technology, as can be seen in this picture of ‘technology corner’

Finally, for October, here’s a picture on Anderby Creek beach late one afternoon. Less than 100m away, and lovely.

Anderby Creek beach

Anderby Creek beach, late afternoon, October.

Breakin’ Down the Walls of Heartache

Last weekend, we tootled off to Seaside Lodge again. The truck was much lighter than the previous weekend, but we did take a selection of wall-knocker-downer things, secateurs, more wine than strictly necessary for 2 for 1 night and thicker ganseys.

Here are some pics from the sales brochure of the front living room, a bedroom in the middle, and the back living room over the lake.


Before pictures of Seaside Lodge

And here is what we (royal we – I was measuring/skiving) and Steve, who’s going to be helping us with the renovation, did. The whole of the west side is now opened up, so the 3 rooms above are now just one room. To eventually be a study area up south, kitchen/dining in the centre, log burner/lake action up north.

seaside-lodge-22-5 seaside-lodge-22-2 seaside-lodge-22-11 seaside-lodge-22-3 seaside-lodge-22-4 seaside-lodge-22-9 seaside-lodge-22-6 seaside-lodge-22-1 seaside-lodge-22-10

The floor boards are in great condition!

Finally here’s a picture of rush hour at Anderby Creek 22/9/14.

Rush hour, Anderby Creek 22/9/14

Rush hour, Anderby Creek 22/9/14

A birthday, two airbeds, a spider and some champagne on the beach

The keys to Seaside Lodge - all 64 of them.

The keys to Seaside Lodge – all 64 of them.

We collected the keys to Seaside Lodge on Saturday morning. Back of the truck loaded to the gunnels with airbeds, chairs, tool kit and the desert island essentials – Marmite, foot file and my second best fit flops.

We unloaded the gubbins, then surveyed our new kingdom. It was the first time we’d been inside since we viewed it back in May.

Comically large spider in residence – tick. Smell approximating a fusion of boiled cabbage, wet newspapers and something I haven’t smelt since I helped mum deliver Meals on Wheels circa 1972 – tick.

Comedy spider at the lodge

Comedy spider at the lodge

So, here are the pics. Jon had started ripping things about before I got the chance to take pics of the lodge untouched. But let’s just say after 2 days we hadn’t found a screw or a piece of wood thicker than a greetings card. Thus far, it appears the lodge has been constructed of nails, balsawood and sticky back plastic. Lots of sticky back plastic.


This original heater makes your lips stick to your teeth.


The VIP suite with zip ‘n’ link luxury airbeds and complementary chisel.


I’m going to miss that door when it’s gone. “Tonight, Matthew…”


…Bit late for that isn’t it?

seaside-lodge-interior-7 seaside-lodge-interior-8 seaside-lodge-interior-9 seaside-lodge-interior-1 seaside-lodge-interior-10 seaside-lodge-interior-3 seaside-lodge-interior-5 seaside-lodge-interior-6

Sunday was my birthday. So I sashayed around measuring things, then we went to the beach, drank champagne and dozed in the late summer sun. Daydreaming about log burners, tartan rugs and sitting on the deck by the lake. Well, I was.


Huttoft Car terrace and a kite surfer.


Getting going at Huttoft Car terrace

Birthday poo on the beach

Birthday poo on the beach

Footnote. People keep walking into our garden to view the lake. I found a man there at 6am. One word: fence.

Completion is just the start.

Hoorah! We completed on the purchase of the lodge today. Now to be aptly called ‘Seaside Lodge’.

We are now the proud owners of a 1959 large garden shed by a lake on the East Coast, a scant 2 minute amble from the beach. Un-modernised since Noah was a lad.

We’ll be blogging regularly, as we renovate the Vic Hallam lodge (also called an Anderby Chalet) and (hopefully) turn it into a restorative, creative bolthole for those of us who just need to get from it all from time to time. (If getting away from it all includes Malbec and a log burner).

Please follow us on our journey. Fun times and knackered manicures ahead!

Welcome to Anderby Creek

Welcome to Anderby Creek


It’s going to look a little different in the next few months. The back of the lodge before renovation.

Seaside Lodge compass. Looking from the back garden.

Seaside Lodge compass


The garden needs a bit of TLC

The view from the back of the lodge

The view from the back of the lodge #Nofilter


Looking back from the beach – The Hamptons? No, Lincolnshire!

The beach at Anderby Creek

Looking over the dunes at the beach at Anderby Creek

The fields over the lake

The fields over the lake